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Spa Services

Our Master Aesthetician performs the following spa services and will customize your services for your skin type and condition. We carry several physician-strength product lines as well as an organic product line, and can recommend the best regimens for at-home care. Whether you are looking for a whole new skin care regimen, enhanced care between laser procedures, or a relaxing, occasional skincare treat, we can help you accomplish your goals!

ZO Signature Luxe

Our most premium offering with ZO line. Enjoy the benefits of an ultra-nourishing, clinical-grade facial paired with a relaxing massage for noticeable results and a soothing calm! Every step of this luxurious facial is specifically designed to stimulate your senses with aromatic botanicals while we exfoliate, deeply hydrate, and brighten your skin! We take this facial a step further by offering a choice of either a brightening or firming booster. Red light therapy finishes this facial for optimal product penetration and soothing anti-redness benefits.

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Essential Eminence

A relaxing and deep cleansing facial treatment using the organic line, Eminence. This facial gently exfoliates and soothes the skin for perfect balance. Your senses will be immersed in exotic aromatics that will bring you calm with hydrated, glowing skin!

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Hydra dermabrasion is a revolutionary system which combines a deep cleansing, exfoliating, detoxing, and hydrating treatment with a surge of antioxidants and peptides. This circulation boosting facial treatment leaves your skin bright, plump, and youthful! Enjoy the benefits of a facial and light chemical peel in one effective treatment.

Treatment is perfect for even the most sensitive skin and improves conditions such as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, large pores and acne breakouts. Provides painless extractions of blackheads for oily and acne prone skin. For optimal results, customize your session with a booster. Ask your aesthetician which is best suited for you.

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NW Veins Detox

A refining facial for teens/adults designed to increase circulation, purge toxins and clarify the skin. This facial brings dull, sluggish, and congested skin back to life.

What a perfect treatment to jumpstart your journey to healthier skin! This can be paired with LED blue light therapy to banish acne causing bacteria for optimal results.

Woman With a Refining Facemask

Deep Purifying Express

This treatment is ideal for those seeking a focus on clinical extractions for deeper set congestion such as milia. Mild redness can occur. Your Master Aesthetician will discuss if this is right for you.


A derma pen is glided over the area to produce fine micro channels in the skin, which stimulates cellular repair and allows for deeper product penetration. The result is smoother, more vibrant, and healthier skin. This treatment is the ultimate for firming, collagen stimulation and balancing melanin. Add on a booster serum for premium enhancement. Numbing cream is included with this service.


An amazing exfoliation treatment with no downtime! Dull and flaky skin is gently swept away with a surgical grade blade. A special ZO peel with papaya enzymes and glycolic acid is then applied. Brighter, smoother and more youthful skin is revealed.

Chemical Peels

Medical grade peels offer the benefits of combatting acne, lifting sun damage, and smoothing fine lines/texture issues. A great treatment plan should always include at least one!

We offer the ZO 3 STEP PEEL treatment to smooth and brighten your skin. A more seasoned peel with TCA and 6% retinol. Proper pre-treatment and skin prep is a must. Ask your aesthetician for details. This peel offers exceptional retexturizing and brightness.

Contact our office today to get started on your skincare goals!

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