Anyone who wants to address issues like varicose veins or spider veins can work with a vein clinic to get the right treatment. With options like Venefit and the VNUS Closure, along with sclerotherapy and more, there are plenty of choices to consider. Among the procedures that can used to help you improve the look and feel of your legs is endovenous laser ablation. In order to decide which is going to be the right procedure for your particular situation, though, working with vascular surgeons is recommended. That way, you will get the best procedure for your needs, and have the highest chance at a results you are very happy with.

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation the Best Procedure for You

Laser ablation is a popular choice for vein treatment, and widely performed throughout the world. It works well for varicose veins in reducing the way they look and also improving the way the legs feel. It is minimally invasive, with vein doctors who perform the procedure using targeted laser energy to seal the vein. A small needle is inserted into the vein to be treated, much like an IV, and a laser fiber is placed into the vein through the needle. Ultrasound guidance is used to carefully place the fiber in an exact, pre-determined position, and only a local anesthetic is needed.

The procedure takes approximately an hour and recovery is fast. Walking afterward is not a problem, and within a few days a patient can go back to all the normal activities they enjoy. If your doctor believes you are a good candidate for laser ablation to treat varicose veins, you can expect the procedure to generally take under an hour, and to be easy to get through and recovery from. You will look and feel better afterward, and the procedure can be used on more than one vein.

You Can be Back to Work in No Time With the Right Vein Treatment

When laser ablation, sclerotherapy, or the Venefit procedure are performed, you can be up and walking shortly after the procedure is completed. Your vein doctor will work with you on any aftercare instructions or concerns you should watch out for. In a few days, you will be back to all of the normal activities you enjoy, and can go back to work. Depending on the type of job you have, you may be able to return to work the very next day.

By experiencing minimal downtime, your laser ablation procedure will not interfere with your work or your personal life. That way, you can take care of any vein problems you have without needing a lot of time off work or explaining to others why you can’t spend time with them. It’s an easy and convenient procedure to improve the look of your legs and reduce any pain or discomfort you may have.